Rosina Lam threatens lawsuit following negative reports about husband

30 Dec – Rosina Lam has recently dismissed the latest allegation against her husband, businessman Jason Mok, who was accused of being pursued by the mainland authority.

As reported on On CC, back in December last year, there were flyers found posted outside the couple's home, bearing allegations that the actress' husband was having financial issues and had been blackmailing a man named Mr. Chen around September.

It added that a warrant had been issued by Fujian police for his arrest.

In her latest response to the accusation, Rosina posted a statement on social media, saying that her husband is not connected at all with the issue or the previous allegations about his financial troubles.

"The specific facts have already been clarified by the courts in the mainland and have clearly refuted Mr. Chen's allegations towards my husband," she added.

She also stated that the negative reports about her husband had severely damaged their reputation and affected their life and that they have the right to take legal action against slanderers.

Earlier, the actress addressed issues about her husband's supposed debt and financial issue, saying that he was just a witness in a previous court case involving a company that he was no longer involved in. Rosina stated that despite the fact, they were still harassed by creditors.

(Photo Source: Rosina Lam Instagram)