Rosamund Kwan says "Up Idol" is both challenging and fun

12 Sep - Rosamund Kwan recently took time out from her reality show, "Up Idol" to attend a charity event, Mingpao reported, where she was asked about her first reality show.

The actress shared that it was hard and fun at the same time.

"It's difficult because it's a lot of work. But we also play a lot, and have fun with each other. But the weather is so hot. After each shoot, we'll all collapse from exhaustion," she enthused.

Nonetheless, Rosamund said that everybody is doing the best they can to provide entertainment for everyone.

The former actress also admitted that she is an introvert, which made it hard sometimes for her to mingle with the other contestants.

"The girls are very exuberant. They talk a lot and are very energetic. Sometimes I would feel like wearing headphones when in the car!," she said.

However, with four more episodes to go, Rosamund admitted that she enjoyed the experience very much and will definitely miss it when it's over.

On the other hand, she refused to respond to rumours about her hefty remuneration for the show.

(Photo Source: Rosamund Kwan Instagram)