Roger Kwok doesn't regret doing only one drama per year

Heidi Hsia
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10 Mar – Although fans only get one Roger Kwok drama every year since he decided to sign a one-series-per-year contract with TVB ten years ago, the actor himself stated that it was a right thing to do for the sake of his family.

In an interview with TVB, Roger revealed that the reason he decided to change the nature of his relationship with the broadcaster was because he is a man with a strong sense of family.

Married to fellow actress Cindy Au since 2006, the couple has been blessed with a son, Brad, and a daughter named Blair.

"Even before I married Cindy and she gave birth to my children, I had hoped to spend more time with my family when I settle down. So I made my plans, saved some money and bought a home. It took me some time to do it," he said.

An angry bird stayed in between Roger and his wife Cindy
An angry bird stayed in between Roger and his wife Cindy

Roger stated that he realised that his income mainly comes from attending events and appearing on stage, which also resulted from working on a series - which is how he decided that he would choose quality over quantity.

"My personal life and career are much more stable than before since then," he added.

As for his new drama, "The Forgotten Day", Roger said that he is excited about the role as it has been a long time since he played an everyday man. However, the actor admitted that his decision to do only one drama per year has enabled him to study his character extensively unlike in the past.

Speaking about his family, Roger revealed that his son dreams of being a designer, while their daughter seemed to have inherited his and Cindy's acting and singing talents.

"My daughter has started dance lessons five years ago. She regards BLACKPINK's Lisa as her idol and wanted to be like her. She wants to take singing lessons, but I said that she has to finish college first before she could join the business," he said.

Roger with his beautiful children
Roger with his beautiful children

(Photo Source: Mingpao, Cindy Au Instagram)