Robin Padilla defends Cesar Montano and celebs going to Russia

Heidi Hsia

9 Oct – Robin Padilla recently slammed critics who accused Cesar Montano and several other celebrities of using taxpayers' money to join President Rodrigo Duterte on his previous week-long trip to Russia.

As reported on Rappler, the actor, who is also known to be a firm supporter of the president, went online to defend Montano, actor Phillip Salvador and comedian Moymoy Palaboy, saying that these celebrities bought their own ticket to go to Moscow last week.

"Do we look like we have no money? We have money and that money is a gift to us by our supporters. When we go abroad, we don't mingle with [the president, Senator Bong Go and the Cabinet]," he said.

Padilla stressed that celebrities would fly to foreign countries for the sake of their fans and entertain their fellow Filipinos for free.

At the same time, the actor also challenged those who criticised Montano and the others to disclose how much they themselves pay in taxes.

"Let's see who actually follows the law in the country," he added.