How Robin Green’s Athlete Journey Informs Her Leadership Style at Hoka

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Hoka president Robin Green has two aces up her sleeve when it comes to leadership skills. For one thing, she’s a footwear industry veteran whose resume includes a 17-year stint at Nike, culminating in her role as global vice president and general manager of men’s running and fitness. And on top of that, her background as a seasoned trail running athlete has translated to unique skills in the business and leadership world.

“Trail running has taught me humility, resilience and the importance of authentic positivity — building up not only yourself but others as well,” said Green, who joined Deckers Brands in February as president of Hoka and who spends her downtime running trails throughout the Western U.S. “It has also taught me discipline and focus. There have been so many times I didn’t want to get in a long training run or wanted to stop during a race, but had to dig deep, sticking to the commitment I set forth to accomplish. This is a perspective that I have also translated to difficult times in my career.”

Green added that her experience playing soccer also contributed to her deeply held values of teamwork and community, something she seeks to foster by mentoring other people in the industry.

“Forming meaningful relationships with others across teams and organizations, especially when you have the opportunity to shape someone else’s growth and eventual success, is something that has been very important throughout my career,” she said. “It is truly where I get a lot of energy and inspiration as I take on this new role at Hoka.”

A version of this article appeared in the June 3 print issue of FN, as part of the “Women Who Rock” special section. On June 5, FN and Two Ten Footwear Foundation honored these women at a live event in New York City.

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