Rita Rudaini on unvaccinated actor getting offer: It wasn't me!

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10 Sep – Rita Rudaini recently dismissed allegations that she is the actor who supposedly received acting offers despite having yet to receive her COVID-19 vaccinations.

The "Shah Alam 40000" actress recently took to Instagram Story to address the issue, after netizens began mentioning her name following veteran actress Fauziah Nawi's recent statement slamming productions who hire actors that have yet to complete or take their vaccinations.

"Someone in the industry made up a story saying that I have been filming without getting my vaccine and going around with the story. I'm here at home, gardening and cleaning my house," she posted on Instagram Story.

Rita stated that people should stop worrying about other people's blessings and mind their own business.

"I'm fine, even if my name is being dropped from a 100-episode drama. To me, it's already being fated by God," she added.

On the other hand, director-producer Jinggo has also expressed his frustration over rumours of such casting, saying that the government could take away the privilege that has been provided to them if there are parties who go against the SOPs provided by the National Security Council (NSC).

Rita: I'm here at home, gardening
Rita: I'm here at home, gardening

(Photo Source: Rita Rudaini Instagram, Oh Bulan)

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