Rising Above the CircumSTANCE: The Woman Focusing on Our Future Generations

Entrepreneurs thrive when their work aims to create a difference. Rachel Dutra, Founder and President of CircumSTANCE, a non-profit organization, has given most of her determination and passion to create one such difference. Through CircumSTANCE, Rachel dedicates her core efforts to spread awareness among those affected by Invisible and Chronic illnesses and advocates for the pediatric population hit by the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic. CircumSTANCE created the first-ever awareness campaign for MIS-C during the Pandemic and strives to bring positive change through promoting awareness and self-confidence related to post-pandemic issues.

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Finding sense in community post-pandemic has never felt more relevant than right now, and CircumSTANCE continues to support the adversely affected pediatric population boundlessly.

"For me, finding ways to help those affected by Invisible or Chronic illness has been invaluable", says Rachel.

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An invisible illness warrior herself, Rachel took a stance to find ways to help children and their families during an uncertain time. Children under 12 are still not eligible for immunization for Covid-19 and Rachel’s dedication to help protect them against the evolving virus has helped save children’s life. In such cases, Rachel keeps elucidating parents to stay aware and find the truths behind these time sensitive situations.

Rachel explains, "One thing that often concerns me about healthcare professionals is that if a child looks healthy, they tend to overlook the importance of parents concerns or are easy to dismiss signs and symptoms that can be life threatening. We must ensure we are taking all the necessary steps to keep them healthy. It's of paramount importance to dedicate optimum time towards children’s health and their mental health."

Finding Ways To Help Community

While not everyone is lucky to have the access to the right resources, information, and support, CircumSTANCE stays ahead in helping people become empowered in their own abilities, rise above the CircumSTANCEs and gain the confidence to fulfil their dreams. The team focuses on creating countless resources to strengthen the knowledge about invisible and chronic issues. This has led the pediatric population to truly enjoy the life they deserve.

Care Package Program

If one has an invisible illness, they know all too well how difficult it can be to get a diagnosis. Not many of these conditions are diagnosed with simple tests, they often require a well-laid process and expert advice of a physician who understands the condition, break the conversational barriers and believes in what you are telling them. CircumSTANCE supports the affected ones through their "CircumSTANCE Care Package" program. The program is a well-rounded plan full of food, hobby and wellness items for those in need. Rachels' team works on every aspect of the package to bring the best to the table.

Ending the Stigma

Rachel's progressive approach, lucid mindset and cooperation to make conversations easy has brought her a long way. Steering her knowledge and expertise ahead, she believes that every small yet powerful step can facilitate progress in this area. The circumSTANCE team goes the extra mile to enlighten their community while always inviting people to learn more, grow more and collaborate with their speakers for seeking the ideal guidance.

While Rachel was interviewed by The Washington Post and her work via CircumSTANCE has been highlighted on FOX news, she continues to help the future generation grow stronger and healthier. Through her non-profit organization, she strives to convey: If one believes, there are countless ways to rise above despite any challenging CircumSTANCE.