Rina Uchiyama & Eisaku Yoshida tied the knot

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25 Nov – Celebrity couple Rina Uchiyama and Eisaku Yoshida have recently tied the knot.

As reported on Jiji, the couple shared the good news in a joint-statement that read, "We want to work together, be considerate of each other, and live a life with a constant smile. We will continue to devote ourselves to each other's work."

They also posted a photo together on Instagram, with Rina revealing that the two of them tied the knot on 21 November.

We are married
We are married

"He is very strong, and I feel that daily life will be more enriched when I am with him. Weirdly enough, we share a lot of similarities, and since I first worked together with him four years ago, we were able to talk about a lot of things. I would like to cherish this relationship and spend more colourful days with him," she wrote.

As for Eisaku, he shared similar things on Instagram, saying that they share common values despite their age gap (him being 52 and Rina 40), and that he is grateful to have someone who cares for him.

"I would like to continue to have a smile on my face. And I want to concentrate more on my work and devote myself to good performance. We would appreciate it if you could keep an eye on us from now on."

Their 12-year age gap does not faze the couple
Their 12-year age gap does not faze the couple

(Photo Source: Eisaku Yoshida Instagram, Rina Uchiyama Instagram)

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