Ridley Scott Plans The Prisoner Movie

If any of us were so foolish to imagine Ridley Scott might start slowing down a bit as he draws ever closer to his 80s, we would be sorely mistaken.


Not content with having ‘Alien: Covenant’ - the ‘Prometheus’ sequel/second ’Alien’ prequel - set to shoot this year, with potentially a further two films planned in that series, it has now come to light the 78-year old Scott has another major movie in his sights which cult TV enthusiasts will be very curious about.

Deadline reports that Scott is ‘in early negotiations’ to direct a big screen take on ‘The Prisoner,’ the hugely celebrated and influential British TV series which starred Patrick McGoohan and ran from 1967 to 1968 on ITV.

Noted for its complexity and surrealism, McGoohan starred as an unnamed ex-spy who is abducted by unknown parties and forcibly relocated to a strange place known only as The Village (in fact coastal village Portmerion in Wales), where all present are referred to by numbers.

McGoohan is dubbed Number Six, which prompts the programme’s celebrated catchphrase: “I am not a number, I am a free man!”


A movie version of ‘The Prisoner’ has been in development hell in Hollywood for many years. Christopher Nolan reportedly came close to taking on the project in 2009.

When Nolan ultimately passed, a new TV mini-series was made starring Jim Caviezel, Hayley Atwell and Ian McKellen, which failed to win over audiences or critics.

This time, ‘The Prisoner’ is in the works at Universal, with ‘The Departed’ writer William Monahan having reportedly penned the most recent incarnation of the script. An earlier draft was written by Christopher McQuarrie (’Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’).

While it is not confirmed Scott will direct, it is noted the prolific filmmaker has not yet lined up his next project after ‘Alien: Covenant.’

Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark of Bluegrass Films are producing.

Picture Credit: WENN, ITV, AMC

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