Richie Jen releases new song on 54th birthday

30 Jun – Richie Jen surprised many recently by releasing a new song after so many years.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor whose last album "Daredevil Spirit" was released in 2011, shared the music video of the song "Miss U" online on 25 June, two days after his 54th birthday, and revealed that he decided to do so as a gift to his dedicated fans.

"Do you remember me? I miss you!" Was there someone in your youth that you missed that way?... This is Richie Jen's call to everyone that he missed. He chose to give this most beautiful gift on his 23 June birthday," the caption on the video read.

Fans who saw the video took to the comments to express their delight over the release of the new song.

One commented, "It has been such a long time since I heard him sang. This song is really heart-warming."

Another stated that listening to Richie's voice felt nostalgic, saying that it reminded them of their college days.