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Review: Xiaomi's Pet Fountain and Pet Feeder

Pussies are known to attract eyeballs online. And these two, are ours.

The two pampered cats. L: Olive. R: Dali (Photo: Stephanie Zheng)
The two pampered cats. L: Olive. R: Dali (Photo: Stephanie Zheng)

As fur parents, we often look out for new toys, beds, cat condos, scratchers, supplements and more – anything to keep these little furry lives healthy and happy in our home. Cats may be less maintenance than dogs, but coupled with scheduled and unscheduled vet visits, playdates, grooming and more, it can still make a dent in our lifestyle for up to 30 years.

Luckily, there are now more ways to make living with pets even more pleasant – read: getting the boring stuff like clearing poop and even feeding out of the way – so you can spend less time on mundane tasks and more time playing with your furkids.

For pet owners new to pet tech and looking to get into the game without breaking the bank, Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain and Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder are both pretty decent entry-level pet feeders with slick designs to complement any house.

Review of the Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain and Pet Food Feeder

Let's talk about the looks first.

Once the products came and replaced the existing pet feeder we have, the improvement to the cat feeding area was obvious. The pet feeder and water fountain are slick and light devices, with the stainless steel bowl on the feeder lending a premium touch to the overall vibe.

L: Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder. R: Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain (Photo: Xiaomi)
L: Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder. R: Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain (Photo: Xiaomi)

Filtered water for your pets

4-stage water filter for cats (Photo: Xiaomi)
4-stage water filter for cats (Photo: Xiaomi)

What we were most impressed with is the four-stage deep filtering, which filters out fine particles, hair, and residual chlorine, including Ca and Mg ions that cause kidney stones. For Olive who suffers from chronic urinary issues, filtered water can minimise the chances of reoccurrence.

For Dali, a water fountain is another toy that just so happens to hydrate him, so it's still a win-win in our books!

Diet monitoring with the pet feeder

Our older cat Olive was the lucky cat to try out the new pet feeder, and he took to it readily, while the younger cat Dali looked on with envy.

Dali looking on enviously while his own bowl is full of kibbles (Photo: Dominic Ng)
Dali looking on enviously while his own feeder (not Xiaomi) is full of kibbles (Photo: Dominic Ng)

While we appreciate the outlook of the feeder, we would have loved for an option with a camera, which we believe would tie into Xiaomi's encompassing home system better.

Xiaomi app to control both water and food from your phone

The Xiaomi app, which you can download into your phone, facilitates and unlocks most of the device's functions.

Pairing the Xiaomi Pet Feeder and the Pet Fountain was a little cumbersome initially. You will need to try and pair it a couple of times because the app tries to pair and update the firmware of the devices at the same time, and this leads to slow pairing and intermittent disconnection. But once successful, the functionality of the app is wonderful.

For the Pet Feeder, you are able to insert details of your pet, so that the feeder can recommend the amount of food that is required for a healthy pet. You can also use the app to wirelessly dispense food to your pet if you are out of your house, and want to give them a treat. The app also tracks the amount of food given a day, so if there are days when you decide to give your pet a treat, it will keep it on record. This is especially useful for tracking the days you’ve given your pet extra food.

The ‘portions’ released by the feeder are not generous, and depending on the size of the kibbles, it will usually just dispense at most five grams of food per portion. For comparison, our cat gets six of the Pet Feeder’s recommended ‘portions’, just to have 25 grams of food.

The Pet Fountain is much more straightforward. You can wirelessly set your fountain to continuously dispense water, or have it sporadically do so (especially at night, to save electricity).

It warns you when the water levels are low, so that you are able to top it up. The app also states the expiration time for the installed filter (30 days), making it easy to know when it is time to replace the filters.

We generally clean the fountain every time we top it up with water, and the cleaning process for the filters and the device is extremely easy with the detachable parts.

pet feeder
Happy pets, happy owners (Photo: Dominic Ng)

All in all, both are more-than-adequate pet devices at wallet-friendly prices. You can get the Pet Feeder and Pet Fountain via Xiaomi's website or their official brand page on Shopee and Lazada.

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