Review: Shark CleanSense IQ | IQ+ Cordless Vacuum: Lightweight with heavyweight functions

Am I a paying customer and fan of the brand SharkNinja? Absolutely.

The advent of the cordless vacuum cleaner is a gift to homemakers who are sick of lugging massive machines around the house just to clean it.

I've recently had the chance to try out the Shark CleanSense IQ | IQ+ Cordless Vacuum after my five-year-old Dyson died on me. Already a fan of Ninja's well-made kitchen processors, I'm curious to experience Shark's line of home appliances to see how it might fare.

What Shark, what Ninja—you might think. If this is your first introduction to the Shark and Ninja brand, here's a quick lowdown. Shark and Ninja is a global product design and technology company based in the USA. The company comprises two primary brands: Shark, the household appliance brand known for its vacuum cleaners, and Ninja, which specialises in kitchen appliances. They've developed a reputation for sturdy, well-made home and kitchen appliance

With that out of the way, let's talk about Shark CleanSense IQ and IQ+ Cordless vacuum cleaners.

Shark CleanSense IQ | IQ+ Cordless Vacuum (Photo: SharkNinja)
Shark CleanSense IQ | IQ+ Cordless Vacuum (Photo: SharkNinja)

Shark CleanSense IQ and IQ+ Cordless Vacuums are touted to have four smart deep cleaning technologies that detect and react to messes in your home. They automatically boost power on hidden dirt, double suction on edges and corners, optimise cleaning based on surface type, and illuminate hidden debris in low-light areas—all combining to provide an effective dirt pickup. After every clean, the Auto-Empty System automatically charges and empties your vacuum. There's also the option to turn it off.

What are the smart cleaning technologies designed to enhance the cleaning experience?

  1. Automatic Power Boost for Hidden Dirt: This feature is particularly useful as it senses and reacts to hidden dirt, increasing suction power when needed. This is ideal for maintaining consistent cleaning performance without manual intervention, ensuring that deeper dirt and debris that might otherwise be missed are effectively removed.

  2. Double Suction on Edges and Corners: Often neglected areas like edges and corners where dirt accumulates the most can be challenging to clean. The Shark CleanSense vacuums address this by doubling the suction power in these areas, which should significantly improve cleaning results and reduce the need to go over the same spots repeatedly.

  3. Surface Type Optimization: This adaptive feature adjusts the vacuum's cleaning settings based on the type of surface being cleaned—whether it's hardwood floors, carpets, or tiles. This not only optimizes cleaning efficacy but also helps in preserving the quality and appearance of various flooring types.

  4. Illumination of Hidden Debris in Low-Light Areas: Adding lighting to reveal hidden debris in darker areas (like under furniture) is a thoughtful feature that ensures no spots are missed during cleaning.

  5. Auto-Empty System: One of the standout features of the Shark CleanSense IQ and IQ+ is the Auto-Empty System. This functionality not only charges the vacuum but also empties it automatically, which adds a level of convenience and ensures minimal hands-on maintenance. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who find the task of emptying vacuum dustbins messy or challenging.

  6. Lightweight with heavyweight functions: I love how light the vacuum stick is even with the multitude of functions, so I don't feel as fatigued when using the cleaner.

  • Automated Features: EnhanceD user convenience ensures a deeper clean with minimal effort. I particularly love the fact that I don't need to always get a new dirtbag, instead only needing to empty the easily detachable compartment that houses the debris.

  • Adaptability to Different Surfaces: Allows for versatile use across various home environments without changing as many attachments.

  • Hands-free Maintenance: Automatic emptying and charging streamline the usage and storage process.

Simply remove the bagless dust bin, empty it and wash with water. Easy! (Photo: Sharkninja)
Simply remove the bagless dust bin, empty it and wash with water. Easy! (Photo: Sharkninja)
  • Price: The Shark CleanSense IQ and IQ+ are now available for purchase at a retail price of S$799 and S$899, respectively, which is affordable for the functions they provide.

  • Battery Life can be improved: I found that the battery usually drained just before I completed a thorough cleaning process. This means it's better to use the vacuum for frequent maintenance rather than as a tool for a big cleanup job.

The Shark CleanSense IQ and IQ+ Cordless Vacuums are highly innovative options for those seeking a hassle-free cleaning experience. CleanSense IQ and IQ+ are now available for purchase at online platforms Amazon, Lazada, and Shopee, and will be available at retail stores including Best Denki, Courts, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store as well as departmental stores Metro and Tangs. Alternatively, you may choose to buy directly from SharkNinja’s website.

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