5 things women should never apologise for and how you can shine

Have you heard of the term "pretty privilege"? The belief that being attractive makes one more successful? According to Foreo, over 65% of people worldwide believe so.

This statement merely scratches the surface. On International Women’s Day, Foreo would like women to embrace self-belief. Rather than thinking that success only comes the way of attractive people, Foreo believes it lies in “the way they [attractive people] carry themselves.”

Indeed, with beauty comes confidence.

…real beauty [however] comes from your confidence, your character, and your courage. Courage to express yourself, take action, and show the world who you are — in your own unique way. Don’t dim your light and success will follow.Foreo

Beauty is power, and many are afraid of that. Foreo encourages women to embrace ourselves for who we are because beauty lies in the way we talk, the way we laugh and the way we carry ourselves. This Women’s Day, know that real beauty shines through when you embrace confidence.

Most importantly, never stop being you! Foreo has a message to women, encapsulated below:

1. Never, ever apologize for putting yourself first.

2. Never apologize for taking care of yourself.

3. Never apologize for your confidence.

4. Never apologize for your assertiveness.

5. Never apologize for living your life the way you want it.

Beauty is power. Own it.

Consider the plethora of Foreo’s beauty gadgets available for you to take better care of yourself. After all, there's only one you. Let's start with the Luna 3 Plus.

Foreo Luna 3 Plus. PHOTO: Foreo
Foreo Luna 3 Plus. PHOTO: Foreo

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Curious to know more about the Foreo Luna 3 Plus? Here's the full review:

I have always believed effective cleansing is an essential first step towards good skin. So I was excited to try the Foreo Luna 3 Plus, especially after hearing all the hype about it.

At first glance

The product I’m trying out is the Foreo Luna 3 Plus for sensitive skin that's in purple, which I adore. I could hold the entire gadget in one palm, and it is lightweight at a mere 150g. I was searching for an ON button when I realised that I would need to activate my Bluetooth on my smartphone and set it up before starting to use it.

Setting up

I love tech, but don't they make you want to pull your hair out sometimes? Surprisingly, the smart Luna 3 Plus, for all its functions, was easy to set up. No tedious manual to read. Fabulous! Scan the QR code on the product packaging, download the Foreo for You app, key in some information, and it's good to go! It took me mere minutes to do so.

Surfing the app was a breeze. With just a few clicks on my fingertips, I was all set to go. Those new to this can either choose to stick to the default settings or lower the intensity. I say give it a try on default settings before adjusting any. I must say that I was impressed by how idiot-proof the entire setup and exploration process was.

There’s a page on “How To Use", "Device Care", "Treatments", "Settings", "Cleansing", and "Massage". There's even a "Find my Device" mode which will cause the device to vibrate if it's not in plain sight!

And now for the actual trial.

Foreo Luna 3 Plus. PHOTO: Foreo
Foreo Luna 3 Plus. PHOTO: Foreo

How to use

1. Always cleanse your face from makeup and sunscreen before using the Luna 3 Plus.

2. Apply cleansing foam to dampened face or gadget. I prefer to do so on the face so that I know all grounds are covered.

3. Press the indent button to activate the cleansing process by moving the gadget in circular motions. The motions are split between the forehead, left and right cheeks, and finally the chin area. The device will have a split-second pause when it's time for you to move on to another part of your face.

First thoughts

I love how manageable it is to relearn how I usually clean my face (with my hands or a sponge). The silicone bristles were gentle to the touch. As someone who suffers from rosacea, there's a tendency for my face to turn red quickly. At 8,000 pulsations per minute, I was glad that my skin did not develop any redness after usage. My face felt cleaner than usual, with no feeling of tightness. I followed up with my moisturising routine and felt that my skin absorbed the skincare products better. Yes, after only one use.

I was happy to learn that I can also adjust the heat settings. The gadget’s gentle warm sensation, which supposedly expels dirt, oil and makeup from the pores, provided a very relaxing sensation during usage. I was initially hesitant about the thermal function but overcame my worries since the gadget is shower-proof. The heat was so gentle I eventually increased it by a notch after several uses.

Foreo Luna 3 Plus. PHOTO: Foreo
Foreo Luna 3 Plus. PHOTO: Foreo

What I wish could be better

The pauses between cleansing the different parts of the face are so subtle that I missed them several times. Blame it on the ultra-comfortable microcurrents! They were so relaxing I zoned out a bit while using it and missed the nudge to move on to the other parts of my face. If only the pauses were a tad longer.

At-home face massage session

With the ongoing coronavirus, I have stopped visiting my dermatologist altogether for more than a year. Since then, I have been searching for alternative beauty treatments that I can perform at home. So I was excited to find out how the little device could help in lifting my skin on top of cleansing.

First impressions on lifting

Using the massage function was a cinch. All that's required is to follow the video guide, which has a model showing you clearly how to hold and position the gadget, as well as the direction to move it along your face. After that, follow up with the moisturiser of your choice.

Foreo Luna 3 Plus. PHOTO: Foreo
Foreo Luna 3 Plus. PHOTO: Foreo

There are a total of five lifting treatments; for the i. Full Face Toning, ii. Targeted Eye Treatment, iii. Laugh Line Treatment, iv. Forehead Smoothing & Lifting and iv. Neck Treatment. I like how i can pick and choose the parts that i wish to work on, especially if I'm pressed for time. The treatments vary between three to six minutes each. Surely you have a few minutes to spare for your skin on a daily basis? I enjoy using the lifting treatments as part of my beauty routine. The gentle buzz from the gadget feels reassuring and somewhat like a lullaby.

Gentle reminder

There are several things to take note while using the device.

1. The LUNA 3 plus needs to be completely dry before using the microcurrent (lifting) treatment, which can be activated solely via the Foreo app.

2. Start with clean, dry skin using Foreo’s conductive serum.

3. Never use the gadget without any serum. Serums act as a conductor and reduce friction between the device and your skin. I use the Foreo Serum Serum Serum.

4. Wear a singlet or any top that allows the gadget to move along the neck whenever you choose the neck treatment.

5. Rinse the gadget with a mild cleansing foam (body foam works just fine), wipe it dry and keep it away from water. Even though the product is shower-proof, it still pays to take extra care. You wouldn’t want to shell out more money for a new one before the end of its lifespan, would you?

What could be better

Having tried the product for at least three weeks, my main grouse is that the gadget lost connection several times while using it. Imagine being left with a motionless device after treating only one eye!

After some experimentation, I realised that both the beauty device and smartphone should not fall below a certain battery percentage for them to work. Plus, the issue did not return when my smartphone and device were close by whenever I was using them.

Foreo Luna 3 Plus. PHOTO: Foreo
Foreo Luna 3 Plus. PHOTO: Foreo

But does it live up to its hype?

I love that the functions were super easy to navigate, from cleansing to lifting. Not to mention how pretty it looks sitting on my cabinet. Fitting easily into my hands, the gadget is also lightweight enough not to feel any strain while using it. I also like how it is a 2-in-1 device, helping me to save precious cabinet space.

There are a total of 16 intensities (wow) and an adjustable temperature to choose from. This is where Foreo over-delivers. I'm at an intensity level of 9 (default being 8) and have no desire to change. But it’s good to know that we can always up the intensity should we choose to.

It may be early days to know if the lifting function works since I have only used it for three weeks. But I regard it as the next best thing I can do for my skin since I have decided to defer my skin treatments with my dermatologist. For now, the Foreo Luna 3 Plus is a good skincare alternative while I continue monitoring and riding out the COVID-19 situation.

As with all things, moderation is key. Do note that the device should ideally be used only once a day. And since a four-hour charge delivers up to 125 uses, it will be months before I need to charge up the device – a big A for convenience!

So is it worth it?

Going at S$469, it is not exactly a beauty tool everyone is willing to invest in. One of the most significant selling points of this device is how it helps the skin absorb skincare and better adherence of my makeup. Imagine shelling out big bucks on premium skincare, but the skin does not absorb all its goodness. The Foreo Luna 3 Plus can help take care of that.

Surely, there's nothing wrong with using our bare hands to clean our faces. But, why not let a smart device do the hard work for you? Whether you quantify by the cost of overseas trips that you have saved since the start of the pandemic, use the dollar-cost averaging or gauge via the skincare benefits derived by using the product, the Foreo Luna 3 Plus is a good-to-have in any beauty lover's stash. It's also a great gift for yourself and a loved one.

Where else to get it

Available at Sephora and Lazada. Enjoy S$20 off with a minimum spend of S$250.

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