Review: My Bello Pet Stroller From Taobao

Mama recently bought a pet stroller from Taobao via ezbuy so that she can bring me to nearby alfresco eateries.

Even at dog-friendly restaurants where we can sit outdoors, a stroller comes in handy. I don’t fidget as much in the stroller as I do on the ground. Being on the leash and unable to go explore makes me really restless.

In the stroller, I am nearer to the humans and cannot sniff and pick up scraps on the floor. Mama can also keep me busy by giving me a bone or toy to play with.

The stroller is also good for elderly pets or pets with mobility issues.

Here’s my friend Bailey and me in the stroller on the way back from lunch at the mall.

Bello Pet Stroller from Taobao Review | Vanillapup

And here’s Bailey at the pub without me.

The stroller comes in a variety of colours, such as navy blue, black, and even purple. There’s only one size. But as you can see, it can fit two small to medium dogs comfortably.

There’s a thin cushion at the bottom of the seat so it is pretty comfortable. You can unzip the top, front and back whenever you like. When stationary, you can apply brakes on all four wheels so it doesn’t move around.

It has a storage basket under the seat and two cup holders and a storage compartment at the handle bar. You can fold the stroller so that it takes up less space in storage.

When the stroller arrived, it was flat packed. You will have to install the wheels and remove the plastic wrapping protecting the metal rods. Mama says it’s a little tedious to fully remove the plastic wrappings because some parts are stuck under the rivets.

For its price (about S$45 with ezbuy $2.99 PRIME shipping), there’s not much to complain about. When something is faulty or the wheels wear out, get a new one!

Here’s a summary of its features:

  • Four wheels with brakes
  • Cushioned seat
  • Spacious for small to medium dogs
  • Foldable for storage
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Several openings

You can get the same pet stroller here.

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