Reina Triendl marries actor Naohiro Yamamoto

22 Jan – Austrian-Japanese model and actress Reina Triendl recently announced that she has tied the knot with actor Naohiro Yamamoto.

Sharing the good news on Instagram on 19 January with nuptial photos, the model wrote, "To everybody, this is a personal matter, but I married actor Naohiro Yamamoto."

"I value each and every job I do and dedicate myself every day to make everyone smile. Thank you for your support... We got married!" she added.

Meanwhile, Naohiro also announced the good news on his own social media account, writing, "I want to spend warm and serene days with her together, supporting each other. I may be immature, but I don't forget to be grateful. I will continue to grow as an actor and as a person."

(Photo Source: Reina Triendl IG, Naohiro Yamamoto IG)