Reddit users on mobile can now translate posts into other languages

Reddit is giving users the ability to translate posts into other languages. There will be eight different languages available to start -- including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Swedish.

To translate a Reddit post, users click on the “translate” button at the top underneath the Redditor’s username. Users must choose their preferred language in settings. The feature is currently only available on Android and iOS devices as well as for users logged out on the web.

Image Credits: Reddit

Reddit added that it’s experimenting with translations for comments on iOS and Android. “Soon, your entire conversation experience on Reddit can be multilingual,” the company wrote in its recent post.

Reddit also reminded users that it updated its Help Center, which now combines the Moderator Help Center and gives users a new central hub for all support resources. The makeover comes on the heels of Reddit launching the Mod Helper Program, which rewards moderators for helping out other moderators.