Red Is the Biggest Bathroom Color of 2024, According to Designers

a bathroom with a red tile floor
Red Bathrooms Are Having a ComebackSam Frost

Whether you're fine-tuning your meticulous, multi-step skincare routine or indulging in a warm, cozy bubble bath, it's safe to say that most bathrooms are synonymous with chilling out. (You know, a place where both dwellers and guests can take a beat from the hustle and bustle of their normal lives and just...well, be.) But while bathrooms are often available soothing neutrals or cool tones like blue and green, many designers are turning to an unexpected color: red.

Admittedly, the interior design industry's relationship with red is a little complicated. While we often think of red as for bright, bold moments like Mr. Big's iconic red wall in Sex and the Cityas Carrie would say, a good idea in theory, but somehow it doesn't quite work—Tineke Triggs argues that red has more versatility than one might think.

"Yes, it pops with passion, energy, and vitality so it’s perfect for places like bathrooms where you kick off your day," the San Francisco-based designer explains." Imagine getting that surge of energy each morning from just stepping into your space—that's what red can do!" A red bathroom might be a pick-me-up in the morning—a visual cup of coffee, if you will—but she argues it can totally shift gears as you wind down for the day. "It can make your bathroom feel warm and cozy, a snug retreat to relax and let go of the day’s stress," Triggs adds.

Meanwhile, Ghislaine Viñas suggests the rise of red bathrooms is a symptom of a larger statement in the design scene. "[There's] a general shift toward breaking traditional design rules across all rooms in the home," the New York designer says. "Avant-garde is in, and people are free to express themselves without traditional rules of how a space should look. This may explain why we are seeing the most unlikely and unexpected colors rise in popularity, even for spaces like bathrooms."

Of course, let's not forget that red is not a one-shade-fits-all situation: Tomato and fire engine hues might be the most prolific, but you can also opt for a rich burgundy, earthy brick, or soft rose. If you're looking for some fiery ideas to bring some passion to your setup, keep scrolling for standout red bathroom ideas.

More bathroom inspiration:

Go for Bold

Calling all maximalists: This bathroom from Studio Life/Style is all the convincing we need to take red to new heights—literally. Though the floor, ceiling, and walls are all covered in a bright tomato hue, the clever mix of tile and paint keep this space from appearing one-note. Meanwhile, the marbled offers a welcomed change of pace.

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a bathroom with a red tile floor
Sam Frost

Wow With Wallpaper

If coating your walls with a vibrant red paint feels a tad loud, reach for a whimsical wallpaper as seen in this bathroom from Liz Caan. Not only does this fun pattern pack on the personality, but the hints of black and white offer a visual break from the tomato tone.

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a bathroom with a large mirror
Liz Caan

Create Contrast

For a dash of drama, turn your red bathroom into a statement by pairing the power pigment with a crisp white. "The red powder room in our Aspen Ski House project was designed to enliven and we were inspired heavily by Swiss design," says designer Ghislaine Viñas, who points to the eye-catching color palette and cross mirror. "So we created a powder room that mirrored the design of the Swiss flag."

Viñas explains that red bathrooms are daring, but depending on your design perspective, they can be well worth the risk. She says: "People interpret color in their own unique ways and this is exactly what keeps things interesting."

ghislane vinas red bathroom
Garrett Rowland

Style With Stones

A little bit of texture can go a long way—just take a look at this primary bathroom from Studio Schicketanz. While you typically see bathtubs and sinks constructed out of a neutral stone, the California-based design firm opted for a ruby alternative. Though unexpected, this jolt of color still feels refined—brining a sense of quiet luxury to this restful respite.

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a bathroom with a tub sink and a bench
Ethan Gordon

Pair With Pink

If you're looking for an equally fun color to sprinkle into your red bathroom, here's your sign to think pink. In this fun space, designer Tineke Triggs opted for a patchwork-like wallpaper repeat in shades of pinks and reds. Together, the warm shades create a subtle tonal variation that softens the bold red—all without veering into Valentine's Day territory.

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tineke triggs red bathroom
Eric Rorer

Rework Your Woodwork

While red bathrooms certainly have floor-to-ceiling appeal, you can always create a statement by painting your millwork with a fiery hue. Let this space from Sara Story show you how it's done. Here, the New York designer completed the look with a gallery wall and high-contrast tiling.

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gramercy park nyc, sara story design
Joshua McHugh

Opt for Accents

Red commands attention, but it doesn't have to be the design star of your bathroom. Case in point: This charming bathroom from Lucas Eilers, where hints of red show up in the wallpaper repeat and vanity. "Embracing the vibrant spirit of the Texas countryside, this space blends a sense of heritage with modern flair through an eclectic mix of materials and textures," designer Sarah Eilers explains. "The patterned wallpaper in particular complements the red cabinetry, breathing life into this small interior powder room."

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lucas eilers red bathroom
Stephen Karlisch

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