Rebecca Zhu still friends with Katy Kung

19 Jul – Rebecca Zhu has recently dismissed rumours that she had a falling-out with her "The Great Soy Factory" co-star Katy Kung.

As reported on HK Entertainment, rumours of rift between the two sparked recently when Katy went on social media to express her frustration over something related to work.

She posted, "Everyone has been working hard and are going through the same struggles. Don't tell me that this person is not feeling well, or that person has been working long hours and then ask me to help out. I've already done so many times!"

Katy stated that despite having been hospitalised earlier for vertigo, she still went to work to complete her scenes; adding that one should not become an actor if one cannot stand a little hardship.

She had since deleted the post, but not without sparking speculations about the person the post was directed to in the first place. Many suggested that it could be that Rebecca was given a special treatment by the production and that it might have drawn the ire of her said co-star.

However, when asked about it, Rebecca stated that there was no truth that she was being a diva on set.

"I have been having a good time filming with the cast and crew. We all go through the same challenges, so everybody has to be flexible and accommodating," she said.

As for Katy, the actress said that she would rather not elaborate further on the subject.

(Photo Source: Rebecca Zhu Instagram)