Rebecca Zhu to stay in mainland China indefinitely

7 Feb – Rebecca Zhu has yet to return to Hong Kong following her trip to Suzhou for the Lunar New Year, and it seems that she may not be returning anytime soon.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who spoke to the media about her decision to stay, shared that her grandmother had just passed away and that she would be with the family a while longer.

"I will pay attention to the progress of the Coronavirus outbreak and would not go out if unnecessary. It's lucky that I have already prepared all disinfectants and face masks before I left," she said.

Asked when she will return to Hong Kong, seeing that her new drama, "The Dripping Sauce" is currently on air, Rebecca said that she has no idea when that will be for now.

"I will stay for a while because of the epidemic. Even if I go back now, I will have to isolate myself for a while. Hopefully the cure will be found soon so that everybody who is infected will be able to recover," she added.

(Photo Source: Rebecca Zhu Instagram)