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Reba McEntire, 69, relies on this wrinkle-smoothing 'holy grail' moisturizer for radiant skin

Can you believe Reba McEntire is 69 years old? Yep, the fresh-faced "Fancy" singer is somehow in her late sixties — and yet, she still looks like a million bucks. How does she do it? With a little help from her skin care friends, of course ... like FarmHouse Fresh’s Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer, which her makeup artist uses to infuse her skin with "low-irritation" hydration. You can grab this powerhouse little wonder from the luxury brand Farmhouse Fresh. and see what reviewers are calling their "holy grail."

This quenching moisturizer contains three skin-loving milks (coconut milk, milk thistle and milk vetch) to pamper, purify and protect skin.

$37 at Farmhouse Fresh

In a recent interview with New Beauty, Reba's go-to makeup artist, Brett Freedman, shared the favorite product behind her hydrated and seemingly ageless skin: FarmHouse Fresh’s Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer.

"[Reba] can’t have any skin care products that are intense enough to create downtime — i.e., pink skin for a few days — so she’s consistent with low-irritation products," Freedman, a "Glambassador" for the Farmhouse Fresh brand, explained. One of those low-irritation essentials is the Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer, the brand's No. 1 bestseller and a favorite of other mature-yet-fresh-faced celebs, like Jodie Foster and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The moisturizer combines three rich and hydrating essential botanical milks (coconut milk, milk thistle and milk vetch) with a clinically advanced peptide, which consumer reviews have affirmed helps to reduce the visibility of deep-set wrinkles and restore skin's youthful look of yore, and ceramides, which assist in replenishing and rejuvenating the skin. Plus, encapsulated retinol is in the mix, too — an antioxidant that helps smooth out the signs of aging, leaving users with spotlight-ready skin.

Each botanical milk ingredient is an important piece of the skin-loving puzzle — hence the moisturizer name touting the "Three Milk" formula! Coconut milk, with its high fat content, moisturizes and soothes skin; milk thistle brings the antioxidant silymarin to the table, which helps relieve dry skin and itchiness thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits; and the plant extract milk vetch is thought to help purify skin with its own antioxidant properties.

The country superstar not only uses Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer to keep her skin looking, well, ageless, but also employs a fun "foundation hack" with the product, thanks to a trick Freedman showed her years ago: "Mix the uber-hydrating Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer with a matte foundation to give a sheerer-tinted moisturizer feel that doesn’t need powdered," advises the celebrity makeup artist. Free tips from a pro? We'll take it!

Reba McEntire smiling on stage
You don't have to get "Fancy" to snag some Reba-approved skin care — "Rumor Has It" you'll only need to drop $37! (Getty Images)

Reba isn't the only gorgeous gal that depends on Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer in her beauty routine — the product has a stellar five-star average rating on the Farmhouse Fresh website, with over 1,300 reviews logged.

"What a difference! I almost immediately noticed a softer, fresher looking skin tone and with use over the next full two weeks, the appearance of wrinkles had significantly reduced!" gushed one five-star fan.

Another devotee wrote, "Three Milk is truly the holy grail of all products. So many benefits from one product — fresh scent, light and not at all greasy, keeps my makeup looking flawless, super hydrating and requires very little product."

Even older reviewers have seen a positive change after using Three Milk: "I have normal/dry skin and lots of wrinkles," confessed one user. "I’m 75 and Three Milk Moisturizer has really made a difference! Softer, smoother skin for sure — it’s a really good moisturizer."

Just keep in mind that, while it contains a lot of skin-loving goodness, you'll need to add some additional SPF into your routine when using it, since this cream doesn't contain any. "The only negative is I wish it had sunscreen in it," said one reviewer.

Along with Reba, celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman uses Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer on other big names like Jodie Foster and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

$37 at Farmhouse Fresh

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