Real Ting explains why he asked Miriam Yeung to get her face done

15 Nov– Miriam Yeung's husband Real Ting found himself defending his words about his wife, after the singer revealed that she was told by him to get some work done on her face.

As reported on HK01, the whole issue was discussed on the reality show, "Viva La Romance", when Miriam told host Xie Na and the other cast members that Real would ask her to tighten the skin, and tugged at all the parts of her face to show where her husband thought she should get done.

Real, who watched from the studio, couldn't help but laugh as others expressed surprised over Miriam's confession.

He later explained that he was making the suggestion not as Miriam's husband, but as the Hong Kong star's manager.

"She's really casual when she is not working. She never puts on a mask or applies sunscreen," he explained.

Real stated that he also suggested for Miriam to undergo laser treatment.

"As an artiste, you need to be responsible for your work. I think you need to protect your face a little," he added.

Real also stated that people around Miriam would not think to say things like that or remind her of her status as a celebrity, and that it was up to him to do so for her sake.

"After she did it and saw the changes, she realised that she was right to listen to me," he added.

(Photo Source: Real Ting Instagram)