Real-life Rapunzel, 35, has not cut her hair in 30 years

35-year-old Alona Kravchenko from Ukraine has 6-feet long hair.

According to this woman, she has not cut her hair even once since she was five. And now, she looks like a lithe, delicate Disney princess with long, beautiful blonde hair. It was not easy for her, of course.

Having never cut her hair save the occasional trimming, she had to go to great lengths to maintain it. Her hair, now at 6.5 feet, exceeds Alona’s own height. When left open, the ends of her hair are left in a puddle at her feet.

Her beautiful doll-like golden hair has earned her the moniker of Princess Rapunzel, a popular Disney princess. Her Instagram account has around 70 thousand followers, all of whom adore her hair. She keeps posting shots of her beautiful locks on her Instagram account for her followers to gape at and adore.

According to the report in the Daily Mail, Alena decided never to cut her hair upon being told by her mother that the true beauty of a woman lies in her hair. She, however, trims the ends of her hair once every six months.

The length of her hair allows her to wash it just once a week, and she devotes around 40-60 minutes to it.

She mainly relies on natural products to keep her hair healthy and shiny and combs it twice a day to prevent them from getting tied up in knots.

(Text inputs from News18)

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