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As the world is rapidly moving towards digitalization, it has become mandatory for every business to build its online presence. Not having a website in today's day and age is similar to selling services or products on a remote island and expecting customers to buy. Connecting the business to the Internet makes it global and accessible to people worldwide. It unlocks new stages of marketing and selling. This is primarily categorized under digital marketing.

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The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. – Bill Gates

Now that the founder of the world's leading tech giant has said and recognized it, the importance of digital marketing has significantly increased. While many companies are providing these services, Chopier: Digital Agency stands out from the rest. The company was founded in 2015, right when digital marketing starting to get traction and companies slowly jumped on the digital train. Its founder Simon Chopier felt the need to digitalize his homeland, Belgium. Known as the land of decadent chocolates and rich food, it was high time that his country jumped on the bandwagon of digital marketing. Simon formed his venture with the aim to help medium to large size Belgian companies make full use of digital marketing to meet strategic objectives. It can be said that Simon Chopier and his company Chopier: Digital Agency was one of the pioneers to align business objectives with effective digital lead campaigns in Belgium.

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Acing the 4C's Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about making the company accessible to even the farthest client. It opens new doors of opportunities and brings in customers from every nook and corner of the world. The success secret of every leading business today is its robust digital marketing strategies. Bringing the new-age marketing to their country, Chopier is playing a vital role in digitalizing medium to small-sized Belgian businesses.

By targeting small companies and businesses, Chopier: Digital Agency is changing the mindsets of people who believe that the digital marketing stream is reserved for large corporations. According to Simon Chopier, its CEO and founder, digital marketing is a necessity for growth and business, regardless of the size and industry of the business.

One of Chopier: Digital Agency's objectives is to bring Belgian businesses under the limelight and derive traffic and customers from across the world. To achieve this objective, they have set their focus on inbound marketing. They help companies explain what the buyer journey is and how their prospects move from one phase into the other. Once Chopier identifies the buyer journey, they use a tailored approach to target prospects and educate them along the buyer journey. This always leads to higher than average conversion results. To achieve their own and their customer's goals, Chopier believes in strengthening their 4 C's of digital marketing.


"Content is King," a cliché but a powerful phrase that gives the business an edge. As the competition in the online world is continually increasing, the need to stand out and provide unique and new content is crucial. Chopier comprehends the need for creating attractive and unique content and provides this service to its customers. Having recruited the best writers, Simon's digital agency gives top-notch content that brings in traffic and later converts to customers.


Creativity, one of the most important things that make the content different from others. Looking at things from a new angle and providing a new perspective of things to the customers always lures them. Chopier: Digital Agency's team consists of creative heads from every corner of Belgium. They are well aware of the thinking and concepts of their people and leverage this point to experiment with different topics and ideas that excite them.


Having experience in serving over 100+ projects in Belgium and focusing in all three verticals (Construction, Business aviation, and pharma). Chopier: Digital Agency provides its clients the crème de la crème of digital marketing. The company schedules a specific time to publish the content and drive traffic to their client's website. Chopier ensures to remind it, customers, that digital marketing is not about having like and comments, it is all about consistent engagement with potential audience.


Customer satisfaction should be the first priority of business. It strengthens the company's bond with the customer. Chopier: Digital Agency believes in strong engagement, and with their inbound services, one can ensure that their clients can do the same.

Over the years, Chopier has developed a partnership with HubSpot since they are a certified solutions provider. They also collaborate together with Sortlist and are ranked as an Elite agency due to the reviews and submitted projects. Headquartered in Aalter, Chopier: Digital Agency is touching heights of success by revolutionizing Belgium by digitalizing businesses.

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