Rapper NeemTheGreat & Dallas Staple CRNR STORE Give Back to the Community

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With the holidays coming in next two months , Rapper ; NeemTheGreat decided to team up with very well known local brand CRNR Store to provide clothes and blankets for the people in need for this upcoming Thanksgiving. From Monday November 1st up until Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 25th day; Neem and former owner of CRNR Store J Danielz , is inviting the community to bring a items of their choice to pass down to the less fortunate during these times. People are requested to bring things like clothes , blankets, shirts , hand-me-downs and garments that they don’t want or need anymore. After the 24 days of the community bringing pieces of their choice , Everyone in need is welcomed to CRNR store to select a item of their choice to take with them. The final date and time will be announced on the invitation on NeemTheGreat’s platform.

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Ironically, Neem’s biggest song currently is titled “Lucky”. He believes the song and theme resonates so well with the season. In his eyes we all deserve a chance to feel lucky and we should all appreciate the little things because to him that’s already hitting the jackpot. Neem has been promoting the lucky charm logo all across social media ever since his roll out started from when the single “Lucky” dropped on May 12th 2021. Speaking of being lucky , Neem insisted that he may even bring his Fall collection gear from his website NeemTheGreat.com to the community and give them out to everyone who donates to the drive this upcoming November. He’s trying to get everyone involved because he knows the participation will generate ample happy faces.

“I’ve always puwanted to givel back. If anyone knows me they know that I have the biggest heart and over I’m always willing to give my last even if that means I have to be affected by it. I just want to see people that didn’t have the best opportunities and chances in life coming up in such a brutal world have a shot as well. I’m excited to host this blanket drive for this city because I know people are in need and I love seeing people blessed and secured as much as possible. Especially the children out here that just need an assist in life.”

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Neem continues to say that he purchased ample blankets and clothes for the community out of his own pocket and is well aware that everyone won’t hear about the drive so he’s taking it in his own hands to to drive around the entire Dallas and willingly hand out food , clothes and blankets as well outside of the CRNR Store event that’s being placed.

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