Ramen shop with super rich tonkotsu, Bari-Uma Ramen (Tanglin), officially closed

Bari-Uma Ramen, which serves tonkotsu-based Japanese ramen that have been touted as ‘super rich’ by the brand itself, has closed their Tanglin outlet permanently as of 23 Apr 2023

bari uma - notice

Bari-Uma was founded in Hiroshima in 2003 and expanded over the years to multiple countries including Taiwan and Singapore. Even though the Singapore outlets have received numerous local awards for its excellent service and taste, the brand is admittedly still underrated. 

This may come to a surprise to some but I was only made known to the brand just recently from its closure notice. Taking a closer inspection of its menu, I find myself confused as to why I have not paid this cosy space a visit before!

The appearance of the ramen broth caught my attention immediately. Using a variety of chosen ingredients including pork knuckle, chicken bones and potherbs, the broth base is simmered for more than 10 hours to obtain the optimal pork bone flavour.

bari uma - ramen

The broth is further seasoned with Japanese-produced tamari soy sauce which creates a creamy consistency and enhances its umami taste.  

Lastly, handmade ramen noodles which are made in the restaurant are cooked al dente and tossed into the piping hot soup alongside sliced chashu (Japanese grilled pork), bamboo shoots and spring onion garnish.

Evidently a popular lunch and dinner option for families and couples alike, I can only express my regret for not trying the BARI-UMA (S$12.90) ramen myself. 

bari uma - gyoza
Credit – Bari-Uma Ramen

The Japanese eatery serves other accompaniments for those who fancy variety. The options include aburi-chasu (grilled thick cut pork slices), gyoza (Japanese pan fried dumplings) and yakitori (grilled pork and chicken skewers). 

Offering a second chance for me (and others who have yet indulged in their luscious broth), there is one remaining outlet under the ramen chain in Singapore — Novena Gardens. You will know where to spot me the next time I am craving the Japanese delight!

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