Rainky Wai launches physical store for beauty brand

6 Jul – A year after starting her own beauty brand with a friend, Rainky Wai is now proud to launch her first physical store.

As reported on AM730, the singer-actress who recently held an opening ceremony for the said store, shared that she and her business partner decided to take the opportunity to open the store after finding out that rents to building units have been reduced due to the pandemic.

"We were selling our products online before, but the business was getting more and more prosperous, plus the rents are also cheaper nowadays, so we decided that it is time for a physical store," she said.

Speaking about her brand Sincera (SCR), Rainky stated that she invested millions into creating her products and became her own "lab mouse" to ensure that the product is effective and of good quality.

When asked if she would give up her showbiz work to focus on her business, Rainky stated that she will continue to be active as both a singer and actor.

"Since most artistes have been in a passive state since the pandemic, I will wait for the company to arrange work," she added.

(Photo Source: Rainky Wai Instagram)