Rainie Yang marks many firsts in new studio album

13 Nov– Nearly three years after her last studio album, "Traces of Time in Love", Rainie Yang is back with a new album, aptly titled, "Celebration of Oneself".

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, whose new album can now be pre-ordered, revealed that the album is extra special as she is not only involved in the whole process, but also work as music producer for the first time.

"I hope it is more unified since I am the coordinator and producer. Every song in the album is tailor-made," she said.

Although she has been in the industry for many years, Rainie said that the feeling of releasing this particular album is akin to something of a first time, as it marked a many first attempts and new challenges.

"Music is very pure, but things other than music are very complicated, but it is also the fun part of making an album. It is very interesting to coordinate, plan, and produce from start to finish. It feels like holding a concert, though it is more detailed," she added.

The singer is also set to hold a special concert on 16 and 17 November to promote the new album.

(Photo Source: Rainie Yang Instagram)