How Quantum Healer Mell Balment Is Carving a Niche for EmpathPreneursTM, With Deep Belief HackingTM

In the hunt for the top 1% of Leadership coaches in Australia, the team came across the fire-cracker Mell Balment (@MellBQuantumSuccess), Mindset Mentor, and International Award-Winning Quantum Healer.

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Her mission? To carve out acceptance for EmpathPreneursTM in the corporate world. Deep Belief HackingTM expert Mell Ballment, shared “I love facilitating transformation with dynamo leaders. I believe they have the influence for society to become more consciously aware”.

She continued, “When I see an inspiring leader acting with integrity and congruence, I know they have worked on their soft skills beyond traditional training.”

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Using advanced epigenetic techniques and her Mindweb AnalysisTM, Mell B accelerates identifying the root cause of subconscious beliefs.

Being an executive assistant at the ministerial level for 24 years, she understands the stakeholder challenges leaders have. She also recognized middle management swiftly advancing, don’t work on mindset as they progress.

“Why is it 9/10 courses include mindset modules? Because it’s the critical aspect!” she declared. “How we ‘see’ the world reflects on how we ‘are’ in the world. If we feel threatened, unhappy or unfulfilled, it absolutely transfers into leadership behaviors.”

Mell B knows even the most powerful decision-makers rely on coaches, “They are humans, with doubts and niggles like you and I.”

A rare find in the executive-coaching industry, Mell B also teaches how to unlock the hidden forces of subconscious blocks for everyone—enabling up-leveling to continue long after their contract ends.

Mell B knows how to discretely, without judgment, support them through professional challenges to help them become the heralded leader and leave the legacy they were born for.

Ready to “amplify your performance, elevate your reputation and conscious leadership?” Mell B’s program for thought-leaders, EmpathPreneurShipTM, has a proven track record to expedite everyone’s success. Just visit her website for more information.

“She truly is the secret weapon in the back pockets of our elite - and can be yours too.”