Puteri Sarah Liyana: No need to link me to Syamsul Yusof anymore

19 Jun - Puteri Sarah Liyana is urging everybody to stop linking her to anything that her ex-husband Syamsul Yusof does.

Speaking to BH recently, the actress said she got annoyed over people, especially men, continuing to make comments about her whenever there is an article about Syamsul and his new wife, Ira Kazar.

"It's been a year since our divorce and I have moved on. So, no need to link me to Syamsul ever again," she said.

Sarah stated that she would have no issue with ordinary comments, but that some have accused her of having premarital affairs.

Thus, the actress said that she would take legal action against those who falsely accuse her.

"I don't want them to just apologise, but I want this incident to be a lesson to the people involved to not cross the line. It's not like I divorced you. The problem between Syamsul and I have already been resolved, so why are you so angry with me?" she said.

As for Syamsul and Ira, Sarah said that she has no interest in getting involved with anything related to them.

"My life is about my kids. That's all I need to know," she added.

Sarah says that her kids are the only focus in her life
Sarah says that her kids are the only focus in her life

(Photo Source: Puteri Sarah IG)