PSA: Khloé Kardashian just debuted a 'cowboy copper' red hair transformation

khloe kardashian poses in off shoulder dress with blonde hair and baby braids
Khloé just went ginger with new cowboy copper hairSHEIN X 100K Challenge 2021 - Getty Images

Shut the front door... is an Irish turn of phrase expressing disbelief or excitement, and is apt for our shock at Khloé Kardashian's new hair colour, because she looks like she could hail from the Emerald Isle herself (minus the deep Kalabasas tan, lol). Yes, The KarJenner middle sister is now a redhead for the first time in my memory* (and I am a devoted Kardashian fan). From brown-black to match her sisters, all the way to platinum white blonde, Khloé has done the full spectrum of light and dark but this... this is new.

She's gone from Koko to Gigi with this new biscuity ginger hair colour, diving into the current country trend, saddling up with this 'cowboy copper' hue.

Worn in a centre part, the hair is styled in the glossiest waves falling down just past her bust, and we're wondering if we found Lindsey Lohan's lost twin, finally out of hiding since The Parent Trap.

The shoot is for her latest collection with sportswear brand Fabletics, so naturally we had to go straight to the Fabletics page to see more pics and wowza. Swiping to the next slide and seeing the chestnutty red hue with all those different colour sets. It's *so* good!

I don't know if this will make sense but she doesn't look famous? She looks like an insanely hot young Beverly Hills mom who runs a reformer pilates studio. Is that who Khloé would have become if the show never happened? TBF, it's not far off.

Given that Khloé posted with her trademark blonde over Easter weekend, it's looking like this is a wig. Tagged hairstylist Irinel de León is yet to post about the look, but wig or no wig, we are rooting for way more red moments because this is an absolute *serve*.

*disclaimer, Khloé briefly went red in 2011 but it wasn't red on any of the shows, so I don't have to hand back my membership to the Kardashian fan club.

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