Priscilla Wong admits manhood joke at TVB Gala was improper

27 Nov – TVB actress Priscilla Wong recently admitted that it was quite inappropriate for her to make comments about the size of Tony Hung's manhood at the recent TVB Anniversary Gala event.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was asked about the previous segment in the show, stated that the whole thing was actually scripted, though admitted that she now thinks it was a bit improper.

"I think I should not cross the line too much in the future. It really wasn't suitable for me to say those things. When I watched it back, it was quite disrespectful," she said.

Husband Edwin Siu also concurred, saying that they needed to be more cautious in the future, though admitted that Tony did not mind it as much and was in on the joke.

It is noted that TVB received hundreds of complaints about the said segment, with many saying that the content was unsuitable.

The controversy revolves around a 'Fact or Fiction' game that the actress played with husband Edwin Siu, and their two good friends Raymond Cho and Tony Hung during the said gala. Priscilla claimed to have seen Tony naked, and proceeded to speak about the size of his manhood, adding jokingly that it was the reason why she chose to marry Edwin instead.

(Photo Source: Priscilla Wong Instagram)