Priscilla Almeda: I am not a homewrecker!

Heidi Hsia

12 Dec – Priscilla Almeda has dismissed the notion that she was the third party in Jomari Yllana's relationship with the mother of his children Joy Reyes, after confirming that the two of them are now together.

As reported on ABS-CBN News, Almeda, who spoke about their relationship recently, stated that she could not be considered a homewrecker as there was "no home to wreck" in the first place.

"There wasn't a home to wreck because they were separated. If you look at the facts, Jomari and I, we're very much single, so we can be together. When I entered the picture, they were no longer together, and his responsibilities were only towards his kids," she said.

She also stated that Yllana was her first love.

"We just mutually decided that it's time for us to be happy. Jom was my first love and we are given a chance to finally be together. Jom has always had a special place in my heart ever since we were 15. That has never gone away," she said.

Almeida's confession was in contrast to what Reyes stated on social media, when she wrote, "Rotten garbage can't be hidden for long. The stench will speak for itself. This is like me in a courtroom saying, 'no further questions, your Honor!' Vindication achieved. The public is intellectual enough to analyse where the lies are really coming from."

"All I'm after now is for me and my boys to be left in peace. That includes the peace of not having to beg for the things we need. The set up had been established. There's no need to alter it to our disadvantage just because you opted to leave us to be with another woman," she added.

It is noted that Reyes had given birth to her second child with Yllana back in August this year, although Almeida said that she and the actor have been in contact even before her return to the Philippines in July.

Prior to Almeida and Reyes, Yllana was married to actress Aiko Melendez. He also dated Ara Mina and Pops Fernandez in the past.

(Photo Source: Pilipino Mirror)