Pregnant Stefanie Sun told son not to ask MRT commuters to give up seats for her

Bryan Huang
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Before Singapore singer Stefanie Sun Yanzi recently announced her second pregnancy on social media, she had to take special care before that not to let the secret slip.

One such example was telling her five-year-old son not to ask strangers on the MRT to give up their seats for her.

The 39-year-old singer shared the anecdote with the media during a press conference for her newest album on Friday (9 February) at the Arts House.

“We (she and her husband) were like (to her son), eh don’t tell anybody okay? We said it with a pinch of salt, we know that he is five, but very quickly the whole school knew about it,” she said about the incident which took place during her first trimester.

“(His) teacher came up to me and said, oh, today we were talking about the MRT… how we have to give up our seats to the disabled and the pregnant… so he offered ‘my mama has a baby in her belly’… so the whole class knew.”

“There was one time we went to take the train… I said, ‘Okay, we’re going to get on the train, don’t ask people to give up their seats for mama’, because we haven’t announced it, right? I have to prep him sometimes for things like that,” Stefanie said.

She also told the media how her Dutch-Indonesian businessman husband, Nadim Van Der Ros, was treating her more nicely now that she was expecting, but quipped in Mandarin midway, “Why do I have to be pregnant before he treats me nicely? Why?

“To all the fathers in the audience, please be good to your wife all the time, not just when she is pregnant.”

Her remarks drew laughter from the gathered media during a very casual question-and-answer session scattered with English and Singlish, where she talked about her album and her inspirations behind it.

She also revealed her favourite hangouts, saying that she was more a “Westerner” than an “Easterner” and could be found in areas which were kid-friendly such as IKEA, as well as Singapore’s UNESCO Heritage site, the Botanic Gardens.

“Sorry, a bit boring,” she said, adding that there was “no need to stalk” her.

Her latest album, “A Dancing Van Gogh”, was released in Taiwan last year.

She drew part of the inspiration for her album title from her watercolour classes, which she took using the SkillsFuture credits offered to Singaporeans.

Stefanie will be holding a fan meet-and-greet on Saturday (10 February) at Bugis Square, where fans with a copy of her album can get it stamped with her own self-portrait.

Check out a video of her press conference in Singapore here:

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