Popular wanton mee stall, Wen Kang Ji, opens at Jurong East with exclusive menu

The well-loved 文康記 (Wen Kang Ji) is relatively new to our food scene, yet they’ve managed to attract quite a fanbase with its dishes. With their success, they’ve opened an outlet at Block 326 Jurong East Street 31 with an exclusive Jurong East menu!

Their first outlet opened at Golden Mile Food Centre shortly after their renovation in May 2021. Even though they were the new kids on the block then, they gained traction on social media quickly, and ever since then, they’ve expanded to Joo Chiat and now Jurong East. They really know how to host a crowd!

Wen Kang Ji 1

Aside from their usual wanton mee, they’ve added so much more to their menu at Jurong East. Can you guess what they’ve prepared? For those who are stubborn and reluctant to make the journey down to the west, maybe this would be your catalyst.

Their new space is unlike your usual kopitiam. Instead of benches, you have cushioned seats and marbled tables, like in a cafe. If you’re not used to this setting, don’t be afraid to enter— their transformation will not affect the quality of the food at all.

Wen Kang Ji 2

Did you guess it right? Well, aside from the regular Wanton Mee (S$6.80) that people adore, they have a stunning bowl of Prawn Noodles/Prawn Noodles with Pork Ribs/Prawn Noodles with Pig’s Tail at S$6 each, and Big Prawn Noodles at S$15.

As gorgeous as it looks, the prawns are cooked perfectly, retaining its plumpness and juice. Paired with a piping hot prawn broth, you’ll be sure to taste the sweetness from the aromatic broth.

If you’re coming here with a friend, they have a la carte dishes such as Roasted Pork Belly (S$10), Fried Wanton (S$6), and Fried Dumplings (S$6) that you can get to share.

Wen Kang Ji 3

Something eye opening here would be their Nasi Lemak Sushi (S$3 for 3 rolls).

We get nasi lemak in banana leaves and husks, but never in the form of sushi! Wen Kang Ji is really experimenting on all levels here.

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