Popular Thai cafe After You to bring its desserts to Singapore

After You’s durian sticky rice toast. (Screengrab of video from After You/Facebook)

Popular Thai café After You will be bringing its array of desserts, including its signature shibuya toast, to Singapore for three days from 8-10 Sept 2017.

According to a post by event organiser Sansiri on its Facebook page, the café will be “dishing out their amazing desserts” at The Finest Thai, a lifestyle festival at the Royal Thai Embassy that will feature top Thai brands and shops.

This will be the first time that the Thai café is bringing their desserts to Singapore. The shibuya toast is a piece of thick toasted bread with sweet fillings, such as ice cream or other toppings.

One of the more popular ones offered by After You is the durian sticky rice shibuya toast – a thick toast filled with sticky rice with durian ice cream on top.

After You also offers other shibuya toasts on its menu, such as the nutella toast and strawberry cream toast. Other desserts include the buttermilk pancake, chocolate lava and chocolate mud brownie.

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