Popular halal-certified Vietnamese stall opens 2nd outlet, Bistro Eminami, at Bugis

If you’re into authentic Vietnamese food and are on a halal diet, then the name Eminami will surely ring a bell with its outlet at Old Airport Road Food Centre. Thankfully, they will be opening a Vietnamese restaurant, Bistro Eminami, at 46 Kandahar Street on 3 Mar 2023.

Bistro Eminami - Exterior Shot

The owner, Emina Abdullah, is a Muslim Vietnamese native who moved to Singapore nearly 8 years ago. Like most origin stories of authentic cultural cuisine stalls here, she just couldn’t handle how different halal Vietnamese food tasted here as compared how it to back home, and sought to take matters into her own hands.

Everything at Bistro Eminami is prepared by hand, ranging from the dipping sauce to the beef stock for its pho broth, which requires 3 hours of boiling.

Eminami - Pho Bo
Eminami - Pho Bo

The restaurant will include signature dishes like Classic Pho Bo (S$13.90)Vietnamese Baguette (S$15.90)Fresh Spring Roll (S$3.90) and Grilled Chicken & Fractured Rice (S$16.90).

There are also new entries to the menu such as Wagyu Pho Bo (S$18.90)Phan Tiet Chicken Noodle (S$12.90) and Hot Stone Bowl Pho Bo (S$26.90).

Eminami - Banh Mi
Eminami - Banh Mi

You also get a wide variety of drinks to choose from, like the Hanoi Egg Coffee (S$6.90)Vietnamese Brown Rice Tea (S$5.90) and Vietnamese Iced Latte (S$7.90).

When I reviewed their hawker stall, I had the most authentic bowl of pho, which even blew the phos I had in Vietnam away. I even managed to save some space for the Vietnamese Baguette which was a messy-yet delectable affair.

Believe me, you can’t get halal Vietnamese food any more authentic than from Bistro Eminami!

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