Popular halal-certified fishball noodle eatery, Top 73+1 Fishball Legacy, to move out on 16 Nov 2022

If you’ve ever craved authentic fishball noodles, then you’ve probably heard of Top 73+1 Fishball Legacy along Upper Thomson Road. The halal-certified restaurant, popular for its fishball and minced meat noodles, will be moving out on 16 Nov 2022

Top 73+1 Fishball Legacy - Exterior shot

In a Facebook post published on 20 Aug 2022, the seven-year-old restaurant did not specify the location of the new shop. The stall owner, Mr Tang, mentioned the high rent being the reason for the move and that they are still looking for a suitable location.

The fishball restaurant started out with Mr Tang’s father, who has experience selling fishball noodles and other cuisines. The stall’s name, “Top 73+1″, represents the time that his father studied the art of making fishballs from a 73-year-old hawker. His desire to share the taste of his cooking to many is what made Mr Tang open a halal-certified outlet.

Top 73+1 Fishball Legacy - Fishball noodle set

Top 73+1 Fishball Legacy’s Fishball Noodles (S$4.80) may look ordinary, but their fishballs are homemade and are literally scooped using the hand and spoon method. Their authenticity can be seen by how big they are as compared to factory-made ones, and are QQ without any fishy smell.

They are also known for their Chicken Minced Meat Noodle (S$4.80) which includes dumplings, fishcakes and minced chicken. Diners wanting more carbs can opt for Dried Chilli Chicken Rice or the Ginger & Onion Chicken Rice at S$6.80

Top 73+1 Fishball Legacy - Prawn Paste Chicken

Must-try side dishes include the Prawn Paste Chicken (S$10) and the Kung Pao Chicken (S$13).

Top 73+1 Fishball Legacy’s next location and re-opening date have yet to be confirmed, so be sure to swing by for a taste of halal-certified fishball noodles while you can!

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