Popular bakery KURA reopens in Clarke Quay, serving Raspberry Mochi Tarts and Matcha Tiramisu

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After two and a half months of closure, the popular bakery cafe, KURA, has finally found a new home along South Bridge Road in Clarke Quay.

KURA, which used to operate at Kim Yam Road, specialises in affordable yet high-calibre French pastries with a Japanese twist. Japanese ingredients used in their bakes include mochi, sake and matcha.

image of kura's bakes

Look forward to indulging in KURA’s bakes, with classics like the Strawberry Shortcake (S$4.50), Chocolate Pound Cake (S$4) and Key Lime Tart (S$7.50).

image of kura's bakes

Their more interesting selections of cake slices include the Matcha Tiramisu (S$9), Mango Citrus Cake (S$9) and Strawberry Guava Pink Cheesecake (S$10).

KURA also has alcoholic bakes, like Banana Whiskey (S$14.50) and Honey Passion Sake (S$11.80).

image of kura's la vie en rose tart

As a tart lover, I’m especially inclined to try KURA’s tarts, like the Earl Grey Tart (S$50 for whole), Mango Pomelo Coconut Tart (S$50 for whole) and Raspberry Mochi Tart (S$55 for whole). The La Vie En Rose Tarts (S$10 for small, S$65 for whole) are beautifully decorated with the design of a rose.

If desserts aren’t your thing, fret not, for KURA also offers an assortment of savoury dishes. The Chicken Roulade Waffle (S$15) comes with pan-seared stuffed chicken, chicken jus and a sunny side up egg on top of a waffle.

Meanwhile, the Beef Bourguignon (S$14) is made with beef, red wine, russet potatoes and mixed greens for an affordable yet atas experience.

Though most of their savoury menu is only available after 12pm, you could opt to grab one of their all-day croissants or wraps in variations like Ham & Cheese (S$6) or Scrambled Eggs (S$7), which are served with a salad.

With its interesting fusion bakes and relatively affordable dishes, KURA deserves a spot on your cafe-hopping list.

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