Popular Bakery Brera opens Cafè Brera offering fresh bakes with local flavours & brunch menu

Let’s talk about hidden gems. Bakery Brera is one of them, as it resides under a HDB block at Empress Mall. You’ve probably heard of them anyway— they’re one of the popular bakeries despite their scarce seating setting.

Well, they’ve definitely heard our cries of expanding their space with their newest initiative. They’ve opened a cafe in collaboration with National Museum of SingaporeCafè Brera at Reunion.

Cafè Brera

They really love to choose hidden locations. But maybe that’s their secret ingredient to making their pastries taste better— something about discreet gems always store better quality baked goods. If you’re lost, start from the front facade of National Museum of Singapore, and head towards the left end of the museum block. The stairs on your right will lead you to a signage that welcomes Cafè Brera.

This time, Bakery Brera’s newest initiative will offer their best sellers, featuring authentic French viennoseries, classic European loaves of bread, and the newest in-house inclusion of local and international brunch spreads.

You’ll first be welcomed by a whiff of butter from their decadent delights and their friendly staff. Cafè Brera welcomes everyone of all kinds— literally, as they even offer “gentle foods“, which are catered towards seniors who have difficulty chewing.

In the same vein, the collaborative initiative between cafe and museum currently coincides with the ongoing senior programmes that provide opportunities for elderly. As such, Cafè Brera has opened an inclusive safe space for elderly and the special needs to work.

Bakery Brera 10
Bakery Brera 10

If you’ve visited their small bakery at Empress Mall, you might have tried out their divine cruffins before. Over at this outlet, they’ve introduced several new flavours such as Cruffin Calamansi Curd starting from the price of S$5.50. The bakery specialises in home baked goods that are so delicious, you’ll definitely pop by more than once.

Cafè Brera 2

Aside from featuring bakes, they’ve worked to their strengths by incorporating their breads in their brunch menu.

Starting with our local favourite, jiam tao roti, Cafè Brera will be introducing Curry Chicken with Baguette (S$11.80). It is a hearty dish of lemak curry with chunks of potatoes and tender chicken drumsticks. You can opt for the type of bread you’d like to pair your bowl of curry with, from a wholemeal loaf, buttery loaf, multigrain loaf or a baguette.

Alternatively, the Otah Otah Sandwich (S$9.80) is quite the popular favourite as well. It features a thick “patty” of otah, which you can choose to pair with a croissant as well!

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