Popspoken Picks: The Worlds of Music and Gaming Collide

Every month, Popspoken compiles a list of new music that is a must-have in your playlist. For November, we’ve chosen five tracks from the canon of Made-In-Singapore music for you to check out. On top of that, we got some of the artists to tell us about their favourite E-Gaming icons.

Below, jaye, RRILEY and YAØ discuss their favourite game characters and the reasons behind their choices on top of their tracks. Plus, two more tracks that will get you on your feet in no time.

jaye – ‘TIME NOT $

YouTube Video
YouTube Video

“My favourite game character is none other than myself from the game titled Tomorrow, inspired by my debut single and my love for horror games.

In the game, jaye the killer clown silently but quickly creeps up on you and I love that about him. He straight up SCARY! Play on Steam to see for yourself!”

In conjunction with his latest EP, how much is your life worth, jaye has launched Singapore’s first-ever cross-border NFT arts exhibition, Broken Capitalism, with renowned Bulgarian artist Mihov. The exhibition is a dedicated commentary on our current society and capitalistic system.

Working together with the Hatch Art Project, the exhibition runs from 25 November to 8 December 2021 at Hatch Art Project on 7 Yong Siak St, as well as online at MakersPlace and Async.

RRILEY – ‘you should have said so’

YouTube Video
YouTube Video

“To be very honest, I really don’t know much about the gaming world, but right now I’m playing Pokémon Unite, and I’m super into it! As of right now, I’m Veteran Class 3, on my way to becoming a Master. But, I don’t know, I play a lot of different characters, but the one that’s displayed with my profile is Absol.

But, I like to play filler – whoever doesn’t play what, I’ll take that role. Everybody wants to be an attacker, but no one want’s to play support, so I started playing support too – shoutout to Eldegoss because it helped me win about three games in a row.

Also, I love Mario Kart! Pokémon Unite and Mario Kart are the only two games where I dare to compete with others.”


YouTube Video
YouTube Video

“I would say one of my favourite E-Gaming icon would definitely have to be Master Chief from Halo. I grew up playing first person shooting games and when I first got introduced to Halo, I remember always going to my friend’s place just to play it because I didn’t have an Xbox at home.

As a kid, the character really grew on me as he was cool and mysterious looking with such a bad-ass armour. Besides him being a very cool character, I really admire his tenacity and braveness in the games. Now looking back, I still think he’s one of the most iconic game characters out there as he has influenced a whole generation of kids who play shooting games.”



YouTube Video
YouTube Video

‘TENGGELAM’ is an honest track about one’s religious beliefs and how it gets projected onto others, sometimes unreasonably. Here’s what AE$OP CA$H has to say about the track in a recent interview with Popspoken:

“[TENGGELAM] was sparked by an incident that took place on Father’s Day. It’s a long story but I posted some stuff on Instagram, some people took it the wrong way and a bunch of people reported my account resulting in it getting banned.

I love my religion, and I think it’s a beautiful religion. Admittedly, I’m not the best representative of it, but I will never stray from it. The whole situation inspired me to capture all my feelings about it in a song, and that’s how ‘TENGGELAM’ came about. I think, especially for a matter as private as religion, people shouldn’t be too quick to judge or write someone off as a heathen, and that’s the message I want to convey with the song.”

To read the rest of the interview, click here.

Gentle Bones, JJ Lin – ‘At Least I Had You’

YouTube Video
YouTube Video

Singapore-based singer-songwriter Gentle Bones has come together with one of the country’s biggest names in music, JJ Lin, for ‘At Least I Had You’. The track explores the pressures of living in a society that aligns with arbitrary notions of what’s “cool”, and is in a constant state of unpredictability.

The chorus, “Don’t know what I can do you might just feel thе same too / But if it all came crashing down tonight / At least I had you in my lifе”, illustrates the pair’s shared sentiment that no matter what life throws our way, at least the people around us are what makes the whirlwind experience worth it. Sometimes, hope is the only thing we have to hold onto, and there’s nothing wrong with trying to turn hope to reality.

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