Pool Landscape Ideas to Make Your Backyard Feel Like a Five-Star Resort

pool landscaping ideas
The 16 Best Pool Landscaping IdeasLeanne Ford Interiors

Pool landscaping is easy for anyone to overlook. After all, the process of actually getting the pool in the ground feels much more important than deciding what plants you should grow around it. However, once the design is set and construction has begun, there are a myriad of designer-approved pool landscaping ideas you can consider to elevate its ambiance. Whether you live in a scalding climate or are blessed with serene weather, smart pool landscaping can help you take advantage of your natural resources and your space. Read on for 16 of the best pool landscaping ideas to turn your backyard into an oasis.

East Coast Hedges

Classic and sophisticated, low hedges are a neat way to frame different areas of the yard.

pool landscaping ideas
Jonny Valiant

Geometric Planters

A row of evenly spaced box planters filled with identical blooms looks striking but is ultra low maintenance.

pool landscaping ideas
Julian Wass

Wildflower Frame

Soften sharp corners with a bed of wildflowers and other native plants. This landscape blends in but also creates a beautiful, intentional divide between your property and your neighbor's.

pool landscaping ideas
Luca Trovato

Privacy Hedges

Extra tall hedges can function like a fence or privacy screen. For an architectural touch, cut in angles or shapes.

pool landscaping ideas
Francesco Lagnese

Floral Walkway

Let your greenery lead guests exactly where they should go by planting path-framing bushes. The dramatic arch also lends this yard a Secret Garden feel.

pool landscaping ideas
Annie Schlechter

Shady Branches

In an ultra-hot climates (or for minimal maintenance), keep landscaping sparse. Succulents and cacti piled high in statement urns add just enough texture and color here.

pool landscaping ideas
Trevor Tondro

Stylish Angles

Work with—not against—the terrain you've got. Here, Studio Shamshiri embraced the hillside above the pool by carpeting it with low, textural plants in tonal colors.

pool landscaping ideas
Stephen Kent Johnson

Simple Structure

Low hedges can designate separate zones for entertaining and relaxing without obstructing anyone's view of the pool.

pool landscaping ideas
Amir Khandwala

Perfect Pairs

Two palm trees not only cast shade, but also frame the magical view of the pool and ocean beyond it. They create a natural pool "entrance" too.

pool landscaping ideas
Matthew Millman

Blended Zones

Moss or grass between pavers rather than grout or gravel makes for a more barefoot-friendly path to the pool. We love how this backyard's designers worked around the big stone instead of removing it—it keeps things from feeling too polished or cookie cutter.

pool landscaping ideas
William Abranowicz

Open Borders

If unruly flora are just out of reach (or off your property), blend them in by planting rows of short and medium plants in front. A progression of heights instantly looks more cohesive.

pool landscaping ideas
James Merrell

Prized View

A long, low row of lavender helps soften the transition from the sharp edge of this pool into the rolling hills and brings some soft color.

pool landscaping ideas
Douglas Friedman

Closed Canopy

Leanne Ford paved this hillside with high-coverage plant like ferns and ivies to help the grotto-style pool blend into its surroundings.

pool landscaping ideas
Leanne Ford Interiors

Inset Planters

If an abundance of grass or green space isn't your thing, try carving out a few holes in the deck for trees or planters. Not only will the green provide natural texture and shade, but it can also bring height and drama to an otherwise horizontal layout.

pool landscaping ideas
Nicole Franzen

Natural Fencing

Climbing ivy is notorious for getting unruly rather quickly, but we love to see it when it's used intentionally. This green screen offers privacy, shade, and a seamless natural backdrop.

pool landscaping ideas
Jenn Feldman Design

Natural Artifacts

Set amid the forest, this pool's landscaping allows its surroundings to speak for themselves. A trellis with trailing vines make the pool house the focal point and can help hide pool equipment.

pool landscaping ideas
William Waldron

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