Poll: Which is Ridley Scott's best movie?

Are you not entertained by Ridley Scott?

Sir Ridley Scott turns 80 today, on Thursday 30 November. The British filmmaker has been responsible for some incredible movies in his career right back to his incredible 1977 feature debut The Duellists, and he continues to crank out prestige pictures at an astonishing rate for an octogenarian.

His next film All The Money In The World will arrive in cinemas over the festive period (UK January 5, 2018, US 22 December, 2017). So while we eagerly await that one, we want to settle the age old debate – which is the best Ridley Scott movie?

On the 30th of November, Sir Ridley Scott celebrates his birthday.

Will it be one of his sci-fi stunners like Alien, Blade Runner, or The Martian? A sweeping historical epic like Gladiator, or Kingdom of Heaven? Or a crime thriller like Thelma and Louise, or American Gangster?

You decide! (Sorry A Good Year fans, we only had room for 20 movies)

Vote for your favourites below by clicking the green arrow next to the film’s title. You can vote for as many films as you like, and the list will dynamically rank the favourites.