Pokemon GO players catch rare Safari Zone Pokemon among sand dunes at huge event in Japan

Pokemon GO Safari Zone event at Japan’s Tottori sand dunes from 24-26 November 2017.

Last weekend, from 24 to 26 November, a Pokemon GO event was held at Tottori sand dunes in Japan. Named Tottori GO, the event replicated a famous section of the original Pokemon game called Safari Zone, where Pokemon trainers can catch a variety of Pokemon for a limited time period. In this case, the trainers could find rare Pokemon like Mr Mime and Unown at the famed sand dunes over the three days.

On the first day of the event, even though it was a normal working day, the turnout was amazing. Many Pokemon masters-to-be gathered at the unusual location, far away from the city area. Social media sites like Twitter were also buzzing with reports from these Pokemon trainers.

In a tweet by the official Pokemon GO Japan account, it can be seen that a large crowd was scattered across the vast sandy land, with a camel making an appearance at the side.

Even the producer of Pokemon, Junichi Masuda was surprised by the number of people attending this event on a weekday.

The well-loved electric mouse Pokemon Pikachu could not bear to miss out on the fun either!

As the first day of the event approached midday, the crowd only got bigger.

Even though the place seemed like a boring area with sand all over no matter where you look, everyone was trying hard to search for interesting Pokemon. Many Pokemon trainers reported their rare catches.

The weather was so fine too; there was even a double rainbow!

As large-scale game events like this require good Internet connection, the major carriers like NTT Docomo, SoftBank and au were seen helping to strengthen the communication lines.

However, people were still complaining there were too many network errors, making it hard to play the augmented reality mobile game. The traffic condition was bad as well, with long queues for the shuttle buses to the sand dunes from Tottori train station or Aeon mall. Some even reported waiting for two hours for the shuttle bus.

With such an overwhelming response at this unprecedented Safari Zone event at Tottori sand dunes, who is to say we won’t see a similar event on our tiny island? Let’s hope the wait won’t be too long!

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