Pizza Hut and Domino's in Taiwan both have bubble-tea-inspired pizza on their menu

Domino's (pictured) as well as Pizza Hut in Taiwan both have bubble-tea-inspired brown sugar boba pizza on their menu. (Photos: Domino's Taiwan, Getty Images)
Domino's (pictured) as well as Pizza Hut in Taiwan both have brown sugar boba pizza on their menu. (Photos: Domino's Taiwan, Getty Images)

The bubble tea craze has sprouted many different shops to cater to all of our boba needs. Apart from the ones we know oh-so-well like Koi and Gong Cha, Singapore has also welcomed the arrival of the Insta-worthy The Alley, brown sugar fanatic Tiger Sugar, stylish tea bakery Nayuki and many others. KFC Singapore has even introduced brown sugar boba tea tarts on its menu. We even have a pop-up bubble tea museum, The Bubble Tea Factory which will be at *SCAPE till 18 December.

But just when we thought we were already very advanced in our bubble tea game, Taiwan took it even further with their boba pizza! That’s right – a pizza filled with mozzarella cheese and brown sugar pearls. What’s more, this unique flavour was launched by not just one pizza chain, but two! They are none other than Pizza Hut and Domino’s.

Besides cheese and tapioca balls, Pizza Hut’s boba pizza is said to have used Ceylon black tea for the base, topped with Europe-imported silky-smooth cream.

As for Domino’s, they have added soft and chewy white mochi balls and luscious honey to their boba pizza for a dessert-like sweet taste.


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A Taiwanese YouTube channel Unboxing even compared the differences between the two boba pizzas, based on the size of the pearls, the thickness of the crust, the ingredients and the taste. They recommended Pizza Hut for people with a sweet-tooth and fans of bubble tea, but Domino’s for those who prefer it less sweet and with a more dynamic bite.

While both are limited-edition boba pizzas, if you are in Taiwan during the school holidays, do give Pizza Hut’s (available from now till 30 December) and Domino’s (available from now till 24 November) a try, and let us know how they taste in the comment section below!

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