'Piku' sequel: If it happens, what can be the story?

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24 Aug 2021: 'Piku' sequel: If it happens, what can be the story?

Shoojit Sircar's Piku leaves you with a smile, every single time. It shows how a concerned daughter Piku (Deepika Padukone) takes utmost care of her irritating father Bhashkor Banerjee (Amitabh Bachchan), who dies, but happily. Late actor Irrfan Khan as Rana Chaudhary was that backbone without whom Piku wouldn't be this remarkable. But Piku-Rana's relationship wasn't given much importance. A sequel can explore that.

#1: Will Piku Marry Rana and settle down with him?

The sequel might land us a few years ahead the time, where both Piku and Rana have confessed love for each other, and have happily settled down. But the Bengali architect might imbibe the negative and cynical trait of her dead father, and may get irritated and wanting to control everything. And she also invested a huge time in taking care of her father.

#2: Piku might get her father's negative and cynical behavior

So, this might become a habit for her. And with Bhaskor not being around, Piku finally might as well take care of herself now, a thing she couldn't do when he was there. Apart from pampering herself on a personal level, she may also go ahead and open a firm, and take Syed Afroz (Jisshu Sengupta) as a consultant. A love triangle can ensue.

#3: How will she explore her freedom after her father's death?

At home, she has a lovely companion as Rana, and at work, she has Syed. So, her personal life becomes complicated yet sorted. In terms of hobbies, we do see Rana and Piku playing a game of badminton toward the end, which she couldn't indulge in due to her father's constipation tales. In the sequel, that side of this character can be shown further.

#4: Has Bhashkor left behind a fat for his daughter?

Now, the makers would want to paint Bhaskor in another color. In other words, that he was a caring and responsible father too can be easily explored. In this light, we may see that Piku's old man leaving her something big, in terms of valuation. It could be something monetary, a house, or even the location of an unknown family member. Interesting, right?

#5: Irrfan Khan will be sorely missed if sequel happens

To Deepika, Piku is not like those girls "who could commit and settle down in her life" and be happily married. And as mentioned before, we do see that happening in the sequel, and Sircar can dive right into that. However, Khan's absence is surely making the possibility of a sequel a tricky proposal. But, let us not lose hope just yet!

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