Pia Wurtzbach wants the public to give family some space

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

4 Nov – Pia Wurtzbach is making a plea to the public to give her family some space following controversies surrounding sister Sarah's previous accusations against her and their mother.

On 3 November, the beauty queen broke her silence and posted a family photo on her Instagram account, writing, "I'm sure a lot of you know that my family is going through some issues at the moment and most of it is posted online. This is a very hurtful time for our family. My sister, especially, had a very traumatic experience and I humbly ask everyone to be kind to her."

"We are trying to resolve our family issues privately and I ask for your support by not trying to put the blame on anyone and stop victim shaming. Please be mindful on your posts and comments to Sarah, she is going through a lot right now," she added.

Wurtzbach also expressed hope that fans and followers alike would include her family in their prayers, admitting that it was painful for her to see the people she love in this situation.

Back in October, Sarah went on social media claiming that both her sister and her mother did not support her when she was sexually abused as a young woman. The former Miss Universe had since patched things up with Sarah, while their mother addressed the allegations on YouTube and admitted that she didn't know about what Sarah had experienced while they were still living in the Philippines.

(Photo Source: Pia Wurtzbach Instagram)