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LAICHAN Spring/Summer 2018 collection at Singapore Fashion Week

The Singapore Dress collection. (Photo: Joseph Nair)

PHOTOS: LAICHAN opens Singapore Fashion Week with 'The Singapore Dress'

Nurul Azliah
Senior Lifestyle Reporter

Local designer brand LAICHAN opened Singapore Fashion Week on Thursday (26 October) at the National Gallery Singapore with a two-part showcase of its Spring/Summer 2018 collection. 

The first section was dedicated to the theme “The Singapore Dress”, which saw designer Lai Chan’s interpretation of Singapore’s local culture through women’s fashion. He presented six different outfits, all of which incorporated a combination of different fabrics and textures as well as bright colours. If you look closely enough, you could see elements of the traditional qipao – which Lai Chan is famous for – as well as elements of traditional Peranakan styles. 

The second section was entitled “WANDERLUXE” and saw 24 outfits presenting bold contemporary twists to traditional fashion. Lai Chan pushed the boundaries of the classic qipao by creating two pieces that were see-through and adding elegant drapes and capes to some others. He also gave a nod to Baroque fashion with the use of corsets and collars for a stylish yet whimsical touch. 

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