Philip Keung plays transgender in new movie "Tracy"

7 Dec – Hong Kong actor Philip Keung recently revealed that he is playing a transgender in his new movie, "Tracy".

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who is working with Kara Hui in the movie shared that the role will be an extremely difficult challenge for him, although he is also excited about doing something new in his career.

"This is absolutely one of the biggest challenges and breakthroughs in my film career. I have already done all my homework before we start. I also prepared myself physically and psychologically for it," he enthused.

Playing the titular role in the movie, Philip shared that his character will have a journey of self-discovery as he makes the transformation from male to female both mentally and physically.

"I have to overcome so many mental blocks," he added.

As for working with Kara, who recently won Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awards, Philip enthused, "Of course I am excited!"

The upcoming movie co-stars Jennifer Yu, Aaron Chow, and Ng Siu Hin.

(Photo source: Mingpao)