Philip Keung gets first leading role in new movie

23 Aug - After years of playing supporting characters in movies, Hong Kong actor Philip Keung is happy to finally be given the chance to play the lead in the new film, "Film Fanatic" (working title).

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who appeared in front of the media on the first day of filming recently, admitted that he is nervous about carrying "a heavy load" for the first time, although he is slowly adapting himself to the responsibility.

He also expressed his gratitude to the producers, screenwriters and director for the trust given to him to play the lead.

"I am playing an Alzheimer's sufferer. I always felt that amnesia and insanity are close to each other, so I had to put more effort into grasping the character," he said.

Philip also revealed that he has received numerous offers since his nomination as Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards earlier.

"Right now, I have four films, one of which will be shot in mainland China. It would be a challenge, but it is a kind of motivation for me," he added.

The upcoming movie, directed by new director Chui Chi Yiu, co-stars Fish Liew, Endy Chow, and Dada Chan.

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