Phil Lam and Rikko Lee hold wedding in Hong Kong

13 Mar – After tying the knot with TV host Rikko Lee in Canada last year, Hong Kong singer Phil Lam and his newly-wedded wife recently held their Hong Kong reception on 6 March.

As reported on Mingpao, the couple, who held the wedding at the five-star luxury hotel W Hong Kong, revealed that the reason why they decided to have the wedding on 6 March was because it was the same day last year that Phil popped the question while he and Rikko were vacationing in Macau.

"Tonight's reception is not just a celebration of our love, but also of our ten-year friendship. We have made a lot of friends throughout the years," said Rikko.

"I have no one when I came to Hong Kong ten years ago. Her relatives took good care of me. It is just logical for us to now be a real family," said Phil.

The singer also joked that they held another wedding in Hong Kong because Rikko forgot to throw the bouquet and he forgot to take a photo with his mother at their wedding in Canada.

"So we have to do it this time," he added.

When asked whether Rikko will reduce her work after marriage, Phil said that the television personality sacrificed a lot for him in the past, and he will do so by giving her the chance to pursue her dream.

(Photo Source: Phil Lam Instagram)